Standard Representation

Learning labels are a standard representation for learning on a granular level - task, experience, activity.

Course labels represent a collection of learning labels for higher order learning.

Job labels represent expectations and ROI for a typical job posting. The expectations include past knowledge and first year application of skills.

As labels, they are meant to be read and understood by everyone - learners, workers and practitioners - on all forms of media.

Manage and Track Skills

Based on skills, learning labels work laterally across subjects and disciplines and vertically across education, higher education, and career stages. This makes them an effective medium to track lifelong learning - both for job preparation and personal growth.

Learning pathways are built by combining the labels together, using dashboards a practitioner creates and pivots along pathways. Learning gains appear instantly.

Job labels are designed to setup a skill requirement, so there are multiple, more efficient learning pathways.

Skill Emblems

An innovative alternative to standard badges, Skill Emblems are responsive summaries of queued and completed for a given period of time on a skill by skill basis. This keeps them relevant and reduces clutter.

The Skill Emblems appear in the Profile and Teams apps as a way for team members to pool resources and signal skills.

Learn more on the website Skill Emblems.