Introduction to Micro EconomicsProfessor RyanSeminar...Learn the fundamentals of micro economics in this accelerated course. Suggested LearningEstimated Time to Consume Resource...Time40 : 00 HoursEstimated Cost for Resource...Cost20.00 What is Needed Before Using Consuming Resource...PrerequisitesBook - Introduction to EconomicsApplication and Technology Factors Needed to Consume Resource...RequirementsDirectedInternet ConnectionComputerStandards BasedWeeklyName of Skill (Mousever Context in applying Skill...SkillsItensity and Frequency in Applying Skill...FocusLevel of Difficulty in Applying Skill...LevelEducation / Higher Education / Training Standards Applying Skill...StandardSkill Points Earned After Completing Requirements...PointsTechnicalEconomic AnalysisFocus: 27%AdvancedStandards: MC||S&D--Cost of Production - Apply principles to understand supply and demand.MC580ThinkingCritical ThinkingFocus: 20%Advanced366TechnicalFinancial AnalysisFocus: 13%Advanced192TechnicalBusiness StrategyFocus: 13%Advanced192TransferableProblem SolvingFocus: 13%Advanced192TechnicalBusiness AnalysisFocus: 13%Advanced192...Total Skill Points:1714Facts and Information and Perspectives Learned...Knowledge GainApply micro economics to solve problem sets in course. Live Link to the Resource...Resource Linkhttp://www.microeconomics.comSkills Label™ Patent 11587190
Period (Dates): No Dates Assigned.
Interaction: Individual
Label Type: Main Label
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