Solar Sails: The Future of Space TraveTeachEngineeringExperience...Design and construct model solar sails made of aluminum foil to move cardboard tube satellites through “space” on a string. Suggested LearningEstimated Time to Consume Resource...Time1 : 30 HoursEstimated Cost for Resource...CostFreeName of Skill (Mousever Context in applying Skill...SkillsItensity and Frequency in Applying Skill...FocusLevel of Difficulty in Applying Skill...LevelEducation / Higher Education / Training Standards Applying Skill...StandardSkill Points Earned After Completing Requirements...PointsTechnicalApplied ScienceFocus: 33%Beginner to IntermediateStandards: NGSS||MS-PS2...MS-ETS1NGSS3TechnicalResearchingFocus: 11%Beginner to Intermediate1TransferableObservationFocus: 11%Beginner to Intermediate1TransferableWritten CommunicationFocus: 11%Beginner to IntermediateStandards: CC||CC||WHST.6-8.7--...CC||RST.6-8.3--...CC||CC--CC1TransferableMathematicsFocus: 11%Beginner to IntermediateStandards: CC||CC||MP.2--...CC||6.EE.A.2--...CC||7.EE.B.3--...CC||7.EE.B.4--CC1TransferableProblem SolvingFocus: 11%Beginner to Intermediate1TransferableTeamworkFocus: 11%Beginner to Intermediate1...Total Skill Points:9Facts and Information and Perspectives Learned...Knowledge GainState the purpose and use of solar sails for satellite propulsion. State that solar sails transfer wave energy from light into mechanical energy for satellite motion. Live Link to the Resource...Resource Link Label™ Patent 11587190
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