Buoyancy & Pressure in Fluids: Soda Bottle Cartesian Di...TeachEngineeringTeam Project...Observe Pascal's law, Archimedes' principle and the ideal gas law as a Cartesian diver moves within a closed system. Suggested LearningEstimated Time to Consume Resource...Time00: 45 HoursEstimated Cost for Resource...CostFreeName of Skill (Mousever Context in applying Skill...SkillsItensity and Frequency in Applying Skill...FocusLevel of Difficulty in Applying Skill...LevelEducation / Higher Education / Training Standards Applying Skill...StandardSkill Points Earned After Completing Requirements...PointsTechnicalApplied ScienceFocus: 25%IntermediateStandards: HS-ESS2NGSS1TransferableWritten CommunicationFocus: 25%IntermediateStandards: SL.11-12.5CC1TransferableMathematicsFocus: 25%IntermediateStandards: MP.2...MP.4...HSN-Q.A.1...HSN-Q.A.2...HSN-Q.A.3CC1TransferableTeamworkFocus: 25%Intermediate1...Total Skill Points:4Facts and Information and Perspectives Learned...Knowledge GainUse a Cartesian diver and interpret how it works by using terminology such as density, buoyancy and pressure. Live Link to the Resource...Resource Linkhttps://www.teachengineering.org/activities/view/uoh_fluidmechanics_leSkills Label™ Patent 11587190 skillslabel.com
URL: http://www.skillslabel.com/Public/S/d03hvQ04
Period (Dates): No Dates Assigned.
Interaction: Individual
Label Type: Main Label
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