Paper Circuits Greeting CardsTeachEngineeringProject...Create simple paper circuitry using only copper tape, a coin cell battery, a light-emitting diode (LED) and small electronic components. Suggested LearningEstimated Time to Consume Resource...Time1 : 00 HoursEstimated Cost for Resource...CostFreeName of Skill (Mousever Context in applying Skill...SkillsItensity and Frequency in Applying Skill...FocusLevel of Difficulty in Applying Skill...LevelEducation / Higher Education / Training Standards Applying Skill...StandardSkill Points Earned After Completing Requirements...PointsTechnicalEngineeringFocus: 33%Intermediate2TechnicalPhysicsFocus: 33%Intermediate2TransferableTroubleshootingFocus: 17%Intermediate1TransferableReflectionFocus: 17%Intermediate1...Total Skill Points:6Facts and Information and Perspectives Learned...Knowledge GainDesign a product (a light-up pop-up greeting card) from a template, utilizing symbols and a model. Troubleshoot and iterate through different designs. Live Link to the Resource...Resource Link Label™ Patent 11587190
Period (Dates): No Dates Assigned.
Interaction: Individual
Label Type: Main Label
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