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Media Book Learning Labels - A System to Manage and Track Skills

Standard Representation

The learning, course, and job labels are meant to be read and understood by all parties: learners (students and workers), parents, teachers / professors, trainers, publishers of learning resources, and job seekers.

Includes all information to define learning expectatations and job requirements and determine a ROI. A proprietary algorithm calculates Skills Points to quantify learning and thresholds for jobs.

Manage and Track Skills

Collecting the labels through education and career stages, the summarized data could be useful to track learning.

Provides interfaces for learners to manage tasks, build teams, and monitor skills.

Patent System and Method for the Tracking and Management of Skills (US 11,587,190 B1)

Skill Emblems

An innovative alternative to standard badges, Skill Emblems are responsive summaries of queded and completed for a given period of time on a skill by skill basis. This keeps them relevant and reduces clutter.

The Skill Emblems appear in the Profile and Teams apps as a way for team members to pool resources and signal skills.

Learn more on the website Skill Emblems.